About us

About us.

History of ALDEX  Sh.p.k

The company Aldex sh.p.k was founded by Ali Çeku in the late 80s, in Peja

In the early years the company mainly dealt with sells of various products such as clothing, white technique ( Gorenje producer) and construction material.

During the 90s Aldex company began selling and distributing products from ceramics, porcelain, granite, sanitary elements mainly imported products from Italy, Greece and Spain.

During the period 94 -95 Aldex company distributed with two points of sale, point of ceramic sales and another one for building materials, both in city of  Peja. For a very short period Aldex takes with ceramics around 60% of the Kosovo market. 2002-2004 year brings big changes especially in the city of Peja with exclusive showroom with surface of 600 m2

As the year of arrival in the history of the company considered 2006 a year in which Aldex company opened a showroom in Pristina with surface 800m2 a in the same year Aldex Group expands business starting construction of the complex of residential building in Pristina composed of two blocks of objects with surface of 24600m2.

Aldex Company today cooperates with 2 point of sales.

In our assortment you can find ceramic tiles for bathroom tiles for flooring, decorative stone tiles for kitchens, stairs from marble and granite  and sanitary ware. In general Aldex cooperate with worldwide companies more in particular companies from Italy and Spain.

In 2016 Aldex has opened a factory of stone processing for marble and granite.

In 2017 we start a construction of residential building in city of  Peja we finish the first object , today at 2022 we are finishing the fourth one